OBD2 parameters added – download the update


Published on March 19, 2015


The latest software version for every supported platform (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone) added support for 16 new OBD2 parameters. These parameters are implemented according to the latest OBD2 standard version (SAE J1979 AUG2014).

Adding these new parameters increases the value of the OBD2 software you have. All these parameters are available for our existing customers totally free. Just remember that in order for the software to be able to show the values, your car needs to support the sensors too. Typically, the newer the car the more values it supports.

With these new parameters, you will get even more out of your OBDII software. Grab the update from our website or from the appropriate mobile app store.

The added OBD2 parameters

$70Boost pressure control
> Commanded boost pressure A and B
> Boost pressure A and B
> Boost pressure control status A and B
$71Variable geometry turbo (VGT) control
> Commanded variable geometry turbo A and B
> Variable geometry turbo A and B
> VGT control status A and B
$72Wastegate control
> Commanded wastegate position A and B
> Wastegate position A and B
$73Exhaust pressure
> Exhaust pressure sensor bank 1 - 2
$74Turbocharger RPM
> Turbocharger RPM A and B
$75, $76Turbocharger Temperature A and B
> Turbocharger compressor inlet temperature
> Turbocharger compressor outlet temperature
> Turbocharger turbine outlet temperature
$77Charge air cooler temperature (CACT)
> Bank 1 - 2: Sensor 1 - 2
$78, $79Exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
> Bank 1 - 2: Sensor 1 - 4
$7A, $7BDiesel particulate filter (DPF), Bank 1 - 2
> Delta pressure
> Inlet pressure
> Outlet pressure
$7CDiesel particulate filter (DPF) temperature
> Inlet temperature, bank 1 - 2
> Outlet temperature, bank 1 - 2
$7DNOx NTE control area status
$7EPM NTE control area status
$7FEngine run time
> Total engine run time
> Total idle run time
> Total run time with PTO active
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