What OBD adapters are supported?

OBD Auto Doctor supports all ELM327 based OBD scan tool adapters with ELM version 1.2 or higher.

In addition, the software works with the Diamex DX70 Bluetooth adapter.

Windows, Mac, and Linux versions support scantools with the following connection methods:

  • Serial port
  • Bluetooth via virtual serial port and natively using Microsoft, Apple, or Bluez Bluetooth stacks
  • Bluetooth Low Energy natively using Microsoft, Apple, or Bluez Bluetooth stacks
  • USB via virtual serial port
  • WiFi

Android app supports all types of wireless adapters:

  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Kiwi 3/4, OBDLink CX, and LELink)
  • WiFi

iPhone and iPad versions support the following type of hardware interfaces:

  • Bluetooth (OBDLink MX+, vLinker FS)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Carista, CYEL, MicroTech, LELink, Kiwi 3/4, OBDLink CX, Tonwon, UniCarScan, Veepeak, Vgate, Viecar, and Yawoa)
  • WiFi

Due to technical restrictions, iPhone and iPad versions cannot work with classic Bluetooth adapters. The only exceptions are OBDLink MX+ and vLinker FS adapters that Apple has verified.

Some adapters have a dual capability to work as a classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy adapter. However, these need only support from iOS because other platforms can use the classic Bluetooth for communication.

Remember to check that your computer or mobile device has support for the connection method!

See the OBD Adapters page for examples of the adapters.