How to troubleshoot connectivity issues?

If you have problems connecting the adapter or the car, please verify the following steps.

Step 1: Verify that your car should be OBD2 compliant.

Step 2: Verify that you have a supported adapter.

Step 3: Reboot your computer or mobile to ensure the operating system functions correctly.

Step 4: Try if overriding the automatic protocol detection works

In most failure cases, the adapter fails to detect the OBD protocol of the car. Sometimes manually overriding the protocol can help. Therefore, try to select the protocol manually.

A) Computer: In File -> Open connection dialog, select the OBD-II protocol

B) Mobile: From Extras -­> Connectivity, select the OBD protocol

Step 5: If you have done the previous steps and still can’t get it working, you can send a data log to us.

Before doing the steps, please revert the OBD-II protocol back to Automatic.

A) Computer

  • Try to open the connection
  • After failure, navigate to Extras -> Data Log
  • Click Save and save the file to a known location
  • Send the file to as an email attachment. We’ll get back to you.

B) Android and iOS

  • Navigate to the Extras tab, and select Help.
  • Enable Troubleshooting at the bottom of the view
  • Go back to the Status view and try to connect again. After possible failure, navigate back to Extras -> Help. Press the Send log button to open the email composer and send the log to us.
  • Remember to send the email; it won’t be sent automatically.