iOS Release Notes

Version 6.5

What’s new

  • Add support for iOS 16
  • Improve user interface

Version 6.4

What’s new

  • Add support for On-Board Service Routines (Mode 08)
  • Optimize performance
  • Drop support for iOS 12 and 13

Version 6.3

What’s new

  • Redesign the subscription purchase view
  • Add an option to subscribe to the Professional plan

Version 6.2

What’s new

  • Add separate mailing list management view
  • Improve internal functionality and performance

Version 6.1

What’s new

Version 6.0

What’s new

  • Add support for the new subscription plans. The new plans give you access on all platforms including the computer software.
  • Update localization translations for Finnish, French, German, and Italian.

The end of iOS release notes

This is the end of the release notes. We released the new website structure and the iOS Release Notes was born.