Dashboard for WP8 app

An update for OBD Auto Doctor WP8 version was just published few hours ago. The update adds dashboard with some neat gauges to the app. On top of the screen there are speed and RPM meters. At the bottom there are four gauges displaying various information. The gauges may vary a little bit depending on what sensors your car supports. The update is ready for download from Windows Phone Store.

Dashboard on WP8

With the free version, only the speed, RPM and Engine Coolant Temperature are displayed. If you want access to all of the gauges, then upgrade to the Pro version.

In addition to the gauges and meters, the update fixes a disconnect issue with some adapters where the adapter closes the connection after certain idle period.

If you still haven’t tried the app, now it’s good time to try it out!


  1. Awesome work on the dashboard. Any plans on allowing us to replace which sensors we want there?

    Also, one big thing I’m missing from this, and I know a lot of others are too, is the ability to monitor the knock reduction sensor. I know it’s not typical OBD2 data, but lots of cars out there now have KR sensors, and an app that can monitor it (like torque) is hugely beneficial. right now I have to carry a separate unactivated android phone in the car, and don’t really use OBD Auto Doctor yet, although I have purchased full version.

    • The dashboard will be improved in future versions. Also, the KR sensor is on our work list already. Thanks for reminding about it again.